So Apparently, it’s possible..

singingSo you know, apparently it is really possible. So I went to watch a Japanese Rock band artist Live in Nagisaen together with 3 of my friends. I was actually the one who made all the arrangements, from booking the flights to accommodation, to researching how to get to the super isolated venue of the concert to everything we needed!



The venue is so isolated that we have to travel 4 hours to get there, and that is using a train! A train! Imagine how far it is. It was really exhausting but super fun. It was really fun because you get to talk to someone after a day of roaming around. It was also fun because all that happened that day can be talked about.


Well that’s not the point of this post. One of the friends I went to watch the concert with told me she can understand a little of the Japanese language because she watch a lot of animes. And I was like ‘yeah, yeah sure’. It’s not that I do not believe her. In general I really do but it’s just that I have heard that phrase from a lot of people. I myself also say that kind of thing, however I know for a fact that that is just a little gloating.

But lo and behold. She can really understand the Japanese language!! She translated 80% of the MC talk during the concert, and I can only understand a few phrase the vocalist said. (The vocalist is annoyingly so so SO talkative. And the whole band are bantering and playing around, so understanding the language is really really really helpful for a better concert experience.

She is currently enrolled to a Elementary Japanese Class, which is a pre-requisite to take the N5 class. She cannot take the class because it is not possible and yet I already passed that class! And I am currently on N4 level and she’s better than me when it comes to listening and vocabs.


The only catch with her learning the Japanese language through anime is that she cannot construct sentences very well. She can understand the words but can barely speak the language. So everytime we need to ask something to the locals (which is really really frequent, like it’s on a daily basis because we are constantly looking for places), I do the asking and she does the listening. Because I can form sentences very well but I can’t seem to catch some words the Japanese say.

And right now I’m on a mission to watch animes and improve my vocabublary very well. I need to learn more on the language in the span of two months so I can watch another concert. I have always been interested with Japanese stuff in general like music, shows and anything Japanese.

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