What Compose Most of The Blogs These Days

opinions In general, I am not a fan of opinion posts / blogs. In my honest opinion, these posts or blogs are just too plain, boring and lazy. Some of the opinion posts these days are just really dumb, rather than critical and valid criticisms, most opinion bloggers take it too personal.

I do think that opinion posts should be made with extra care and checking of the details. Bloggers writing their opinion should weigh in a solid logic with penetrating insights, it should not be just a list of reasons why hate or like a movie, a person or a thing. That makes it just a simple ranting.


Nowadays, it is very hard to find a good opinion posts where the write has not involve his personal feelings when it comes to breaking down valid points on why a thing is bad or good.

The thing I do not like with these opinion blogs is that it makes the readers think the same as the writer. I have seen bloggers write facts and verified info then later add their personal opinion. Those kinds are great because you did not condition the readers to hate or like a certain thing the same thing as you do. Writers need to laid down facts first, and by facts it should be verified and not just a heresay. It is important to laid down facts first so that the readers can form their own opinion on the matter and can better think whether they agree with you or not.


In my opinion, there is just one problem or irritating sin most of the blogger commit when they write an opinion post. And it is conditioning the readers to think like you do. That is one thing that writers should never ever do. You should just let them make their brain work and think for their own. It is really frustrating because most writers do this nowadays and I hate it because people are preconditioned to hate one thing unanimously.


I am pretty sure that most if not all of the writers these days are just there posts 2 things: first, posting an opinion posts and second, a paid advertising of different products. I do think that it is fair to accept paid advertisements for your blog, since in my opinion it is the sole purpose why people do blogging. To make money! But it makes your credibility be questionable. How can the readers know that the product you are promoting is really effective? There is no way readers can tell since it is paid, you will tell them it is effective even though it is a shitty product. Is there even an honest blog out there that only accept ads that they can vouch for? Nope nope nope. Lah. You would never find any. True story bru, I would love to see great bloggers who are trustworthy like me. 🙂 If I ever grow my blog, I will only promote products that I can vouch for.

Ironic that this post is an opinion post right? Ha! No this is more of letting people know that think for yourself and do not let what you read condition how you think and how you see things. Process facts on your own without letting other people dictate how you think.

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