Diamond Auctions? Naaah, Are Jewelries Girls’ Best Friend?

Has anyone tried diamond auctions before? How was it? This is just a segue for my article about Jewelries.


I tried on my newly bought pearl earrings and my mom yelled that Jewelries are my best friend just like any other girls. She went on to say that I always wear a jewelry on any outfit yet I can go on months or years without really talking to my friends. Then proceeded to say that I am better off with these jewelries. I was just laughing at her remarks but it hit me, maybe she is right? Are jewelries really my best friends?

It left me thinking and I realized that I have a lot of Jewelries. I never left our house without a piece of Jewelries on. And one is not even enough, I should have at least a bracelet and earrings. It depends on my mood and where I am going, if it is a special occasion or if I am wearing a dress, bracelet, earrings AND necklace should be in it. No buts, no excuses. You will never see me without a jewelry unless I am at home of course.


I do not know if this applies to all the girls out there but I have a special connection to my jewelries! Most of them are either given to me as present or I bought on a special occasion. Either way, they will always be special to me especially if it is given by a family.


I do not know but I feel like Jewelries in general are very therapeutic. Yes, there are therapeutic gemstones but in this case, I am not pertaining to them. I am talking about just Jewelries in General. Somehow, just looking at my jewelries really soothes me. There is something about jewelries that puts me in the mood. I am surely always on a good mood if I know for sure I am going to buy a new jewelry and add to my collection in a few days. Nothing can ruin my mood on the day I buy my jewelries. It is therapeutic for me I guess.

For some, they probably think this is an addiction. No it is not, and it will never be. I know for sure because I had a financial crisis back in the day. We had a very few projects going in so we had to down size some of salaries so to cut the story short, my income during those times decreased. For almost two years, my income was not back to my normal take home. Prior to this financial crisis, I buy at least 1 jewelry every 2 months or every month if possible. Guess how many jewelries I bought during those financial crisis? 3? 4? 5? No! I bought nothing! Yes nothing. See, I can prioritize. I know for a fact that jewelries are luxury. Why would I spend on luxury if I am having financial crisis? No no no. See? I am still sane.


There is nothing wrong with buying too much jewelries. As long as you have money to buy jewelry ( when I say money, I mean the excess on your salary after buying necessities), then do not bother with other people telling you that you have a problem. You are normal and nothing is wrong with you 🙂

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